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Welcome to the Civitas Foundation!

   Created in 1992, Civitas Foundation for Civil Society is an organization which is guided by several principles such as involvement, participation and community development. We strongly believe in the power of initiative in the community and in its capacity to bring about change in people’s life. This is the reason why Civitas Foundation supports rural and regional development by strengthening the civil society, public and private sectors. We use   an innovative approach to the problems our community is facing; this is the reason why social innovation is one of the pillars underpinning our activities.

We are contributing to the development of Human Resources through:

  • Boosting the entrepreneurship and supporting social inclusion of vulnerable groups;
  • Delivery of trainings and educational activities;

Empowerment of institutional capacity for the public, private and civil society sectors:

  • Providing expert services to local, regional and central authorities;
  • Training in the field of public administration;
  • Supporting the foundation and development of non-government organizations and other associative forms;
  •  Designing local development strategies and working in specialized structures for the creation of development policies.

Supporting initiatives in the public, private and civil society sectors

  •  Supporting the initiatives coming from citizens, local action groups and encouraging active participation in the creation of public policies ;
  • Promoting social economy and the community-based economy;
  • Providing consultancy and assistance in the field of rural development;
  • Supporting the associative processes of the local authorities;
  • Initiating charitable activities.

Facilitating the access to funding opportunities:

  • Providing assistance and consultancy in fundraising and project management;
  • Developing and implementing investments projects, feasibility studies, business plans and marketing studies, technical projects and financial audit.



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